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CPS - Computer Peripheral Solutions, LLC
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About CPS

Product Categories

CPS is a 30+ year old company with well over a hundred thousand of it's products installed world-wide. CPS designs and manufactures approximately 50 different hardware/software products at it's headquarters in Lilburn, GA. U.S.A.

The products are targeted toward problem resolutions and increasing efficiencies in within various niches in today's networking environments. They are listed under the various Product Categories (to the left).

- 18 Models - Inbound - Outbound - Priority Interrupt - Call Timer - Line Coupler
- Authentication devices Hardware & Touch-Tone - LAN & DSL disconnect devices
- AC Power -Relays - Reset Button - Local and Remote Control
           RS-232 / USB / TCP/IP / CELL / TTL                        


- TelCo Lines - LANs - RS-232 - Remote A/B Switches
- Modem Sharing - Signal Regeneration - Fiber Converters
- TelCo Lines - TCP/IP - Cell - RS-232 - USB
- Auto Ping - Data Base - Heartbeat - DLL - Telnet/Serial
- Alphabetic Listing




The product line is also modular adding to its a uniqueness. Each of the products has a stand alone design objective, but the products can also be mixed and matched to meet a variety of application requirements. New ideas and challenges are always welcome at CPS.

If you don't care to visit all of the product pages or you want to confirm your product selection just tell us what you are trying to accomplish. Bestway@cpscom.com We will reply with our product recommendation. Please include the Category(s) in the subject line.

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