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More... CPS is a privately owned company that was founded in 1981. The company began by developing products for the Unisys (Burroughs) data communications end user market. Although many of the products could also be used on other types of polled networks, the thrust was toward Unisys. The products were sold through Unisys as well as through the company's original "UNISYS COMPATIBLE CATALOG" that was first mailed to Unisys users in 1985. It was a great start with a great company.

However, as the lines of demarcation in the Unisys market began to blur into general networking, so did the CPS product line. The products are now designed to address specific niches in ever changing general networking environment. Many may provide alternate approaches to some of today's networking, telephony and security stereotypes. Some of them are unique and cannot be found anywhere else, while others present a different twist to some of the more commonly available competitive products.

CPS currently maintains a product line of over 50 different resale and OEM products. The products were developed as a result of specific user requirements, others as OEM products while still others evolved solely on speculation. This has resulted in a rather diverse product line and has also served to expand the company's technology base.

Thanks for visiting our WEB site. Come back often for the latest development news. And if you have an idea or comment or application for one of the products, please call (1-800-888-0051) or e-mail it to sales@cpscom.com.

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