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CPS - Article
Do Any Of These Comments Sound Familiar?
As Internet time increases, it is more likely to impinge on your traditional family or business telephone habits. Using Call Waiting with modems is a great way to optimize your current phone lines. It is not just the cost or convenience, it's a necessity for those who's calls are important enough to require immediate attention.

Which of the following random comments have you heard in your home or business simply because you missed a call or the message was delayed in voice mail.


Surfers comments:
"Sorry I missed your call. I was on the Internet"
"I thought the call waiting tone would disconnect my modem"
"How long have you been waiting? I'm sorry. I didn't realize"
"I would have been glad to help out, had I known."
"Marcy's teacher called about three hours ago to see why she absent"
"Do you think she is still at the bus stop? Maybe she tried to walk home"
"You're at the hospital! Why didn't they call me? When did it happen?"
"Forget the car!... are you OK? Why didn't you call?"
"Stay off of that Internet. The hospital is going to call with the results"
"It was scary dad, bunch of guys with banjos and big ears. I tried to call"
"Why didn't you let me know my appointment was changed"
"Why didn't you @*#%$* call and tell me the car wouldn't be ready"
"Yikes! Get off of that computer! I've been waiting for a call all day"
"No Internet this weekend Pal! I'm on call"
"Your not getting back on that Internet until that baby is born"
"They are supposed to call for directions when they get to I-285"
"You explain to your grandfather why we don't answer the phone anymore"
"I don't mind a few more guests, but you should have given me some notice"
"You could have let me know that you were catching an earlier flight"
"Why didn't you let me know it was formal"
"Your home work can wait, my girl friend might call"
"We only get into this conflict when you're home from college"
"My net surfing is ruining my room mate's social life"
"This apartment building is only wired for one line"
"We're in a rural area. Another line costs a fortune"
"We need another phone line, do we! I'm sorry we got that computer"
"These $50/mo. business lines are eating us alive. Now we need more!"
"There must be a way to better utilize the lines that we have"
"They moved it up. The deadline was 3:00 today. It's on my voice mail"
"The position is filled. They didn't know that I was still available"
"I missed an overtime turn and we could have used the extra money"
"She tried to let us know they had another offer. Darn it!"
"By the time I returned his voice mail, he was out of the office"
"You should have called me before they booked you"
"The police have been holding him since this morning. Call Jackie Childs"


Caller's comments:
"I didn't know you were home; the phone just kept ringing"
"I couldn't get in touch with you to tell you"
"It's awfully inconsiderate of them to just let the phone ring"
"Keep ringing. I know they're home."
"It's so frustrating to try to call them"
"We should buy them one of those CPS Call Waiting boxes as a gift"
"Sorry we missed them. We should have called before we left Orlando"
"I've been trying to call you since the plane landed"
"I needed it for my meeting! and I had to drive all the way home to get it"
"No! ...the emergency operator can't break in as if the line were busy"
"Must not be much of a business, if they don't even answer their phone"
"I left them a voice mail before lunch. Award it to the second bidder"
"Hi Monica. I'm sure glad you got that CALL WAITING SWITCH"

Your call waiting comments are welcome, they may be serious or humorous. Send them to sales@cpscom.com.


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