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  • AB-32 - Asynchronous RS-232 Signal Booster for UTP Cabled Terminal Networks.

  • AB-M - Remote ABCD Switch, Matrix, or X2 Version.

  • ASR-32 - 8 to 1 Asynchronous RS-232 Modem Splitter. AC Powered.

  • Automatic Power Cycle (APC) - Network-based Plug and Play AC power control appliance. Automatically RESETS AC power according to PING results. Includes network and RS-232 interface. Also very configurable for Internet, LAN or WAN use.

  • Auto Push Board (APB) - Connects to the Power or Reset Button to Automatically "Push the Button" After a Power Failure. Also Used as an Addressable Reset or Power Button Adapter for the REBOOT CONTROLLERS.

  • Automatic Ring ReBooter (ARR) - Reboots AC Power on Dial Lines That Don't Answer in Six Rings.

  • Broad Band-Aid - Keeps your Broadband network up. Proactively reboots your modem/router before you realize it is hung.

  • Call Waiting Alert (CWA) - Provides an Audible and Visual Call Waiting Alert When Using Modems on Call Waiting Lines. "Quick Disconnect" Pushbutton to Switch to the Waiting Call.

  • Call Waiting Auto Alert - Provides an Audible and Visual Call Waiting Alert When Using Modems on Call Waiting Lines. Automatic or Manual Disconnect to Switch to the Waiting Call.

  • Call Waiting Switch (CWS) - Provides an Audible and Visual Call Waiting Alert When Using Modems on Call Waiting Lines. Three Easy Methods to Disconect and Switch to the Waiting Call.

  • Cell Remote Controller (C-RC) - Remote control of a AC power, Reset button, etc. over a cell network. Text Message commands.

  • Challenger Family - Hardware Security System for Dial Modems.
    • Challenger P2 - Field Programmable "Matchbox" Sized "Lock and Key" System.
    • Challenger P3 - Field Programmable Hardware Security System for For Larger Multi-Location Applications.
    • Challenger P2 Bi-Level Access System (P2 BAS) - Hardware Security System for Maintenance Modems or Any Secure Group Application That Also Requires Secure MASTER LEVEL Access.
    • Standard Challenger - User Programmable System to Secure Modem Pools From 1 to 64 Modems at a Single Central Location.

  • Challenger TT - Touch-Tone password security unit. Up to eight numeric digits. Answers the line and waits for the Touch-Tone password. Hides modems from war-dialers.

  • Controlled Access Switch (CAS) - Provides controlled access to your remote Solutions.

  • Controlled AC Power Strip (CPS) - Addressable Power Strip with Outlet Pairs that are separately accessable.

  • DC3-TT - Used to control power for up to three DC power controlled devices.

  • DeCAT - 4 to 1 RS-232 Modem Splitter. Signal Powered.

  • DSL Line Enabler (DLE) - Controls the physical connection of a DSL line through a relay (Enable/Disable). Control is initiated "out of band" by a standard analog phone call (land or cell) to the "DSL Enabler" on the DSL line.

  • F-232 - RS-232 to Fiber Optic Converter. Nest Mounting Available.

  • Flexie TelCo Switch (FTS) - Programmable remote selection and control of three ports or eight ports. Access via Touch-Tone. Optional remote AC power control and reset button reboots.

  • Flip Switch - Automatically Switches 4 TelCo Lines From PBX to Your Network.

  • TCP/IP NETWORK CONTROLLED AC POWER SWITCH (N-AC 1-2) - Use with any browser to control the AC power locally or remotely (ON/OFF/RESET). Also automatic out-of-band telephone line backup and Auto RESET features. Plus USB and local/remote push button control.
    • N-AC1 = 1 Controlled AC Jack
    • N-AC2 = 2 Seperately Controlled AC Jacks

  • TCP/IP Network Controller (N-RRC) - Provides Remote Network Control for Any of the CPS Rebooting Products or Remote AC Power Controllers.

  • POTS Line Coupler (PLC) - Connects Two Standard Analog Phone Lines Together to Allow Calls on an Alternate Network

  • UNIVERSAL AC POWER SWITCH (U-X1) - single AC outlet version of the U-X3. It is built in a small form factor to be used in applications where only one device is required or where space may be limited.

  • UNIVERSAL AC POWER SWITCH (U-X3) - Three separately controlled AC outlets with standard IEC 320 connectors for easy installation anywhere in the world. Daisy chain up to ten units together.

  • UNIVERSAL AC POWER SWITCH RF (U-X3R) - New (07/2012) - Wirelessly control three separate AC outlets with an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and Thinkoptics' iWavit.

  • USB to RS-232 Converter in a Cable - This USB to Serial converter allows serial devices to be connected to your PC's USB portor USB hub.

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