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Saves Additional Phone Lines
  • Remote TelCo Port Selection
  • Connect to any of 3 or 8 Telephone Devices
  • Use for Outbound Line Sharing too
  • Use to Control Multiple CPS AC Power or Relay Base Units

FTS Picture Front/Back

ARR Picture

Intelligent AC Power Strip

PC-RJ Cable Interface Assembly Picture

PC-RJ Cable Interface Assembly



FTS Application Diagram


  • Local and Remote Programming
  • Secure Passwords Up to Six Digits
  • Abort Non-Password Calls or Transfer to Default Port
  • Transparent to Normal Voice Calls
  • Auto FAX Recognition
  • Use any Touch-Tone Phone or Modem
  • Disable Outbound Calls
  • Disable Answer
  • Outbound Priority Interrupt
  • Outbound Line Sharing
The FTS (Flexie Telephone Switch) is aptly named because it is a "Tool Box" that can be used for a verity of telephone line sharing requirements. It is available in the standard 3 Port Model and an 8 Port Model (FTS-8). FTS is normally used for password protected Inbound port connection applications, but it can also be used for Outbound applications. It can also be used as telephone line Remote Control Unit to control CPS BASE UNITS or any or all of the above.

Both models include a number of programmable features to support these functions. They are selected through a dip switches or Touch-Tone configuration options. The STATION PORTS (3 or 8) can support any standard analog terminating devices (phone, fax, modem, etc.) and/or one or more CPS BASE UNITS.

The BASE UNITS are other CPS products that are used to switch AC power or relays. Over a thousand relays or several hundred AC outlets may be turned ON/OFF or RESET through one FTS-8, depending on the BASE UNIT selected. See http://www.cpscom.com/reboot.htm.

FTS can be accessed remotely by dialing the unit and presenting the proper password. The ADMIN PASSWORD allows the caller to change the configuration and a USER PASSWORD is for user access. FTS can also be accessed locally using a Touch-Tone phone connected to the DEFAULT PORT.

A modem may also be used to remotely access the unit and enter the desired commands, even though there may not be a modem at the FTS end. Simply attach the commands to the AT dial string similar to an extension number. This may be a consideration when using the FTS to control a large number of remote devices using a database and modem.

Calls without a password can be aborted or switched to the DEFAULT PORT. This is normally used when the FTS is sharing the line with a primary device (voice, fax, modem, etc.). A fax tone recognition feature is also available. It will allow a fax call to be switched directly to the fax regardless of the password or other filtering considerations.

When being used for outbound calls, the STATION PORTS will bid for the line as they go off hook. All others will be locked out until the call is over. However if the Priority Feature is enabled, then any call in progress will be disconnected and a dial tone will be presented to the priority device.

Access Example to switch a call to PORT #3 and turn the power ON (Base Unit required).

#0 1234 3 #1
  • #0 = the user access announcement
  • 1234 = user password (up to 6 digits may be used)
  • 3 = port number
  • #1 is the Base Unit command
If this were entered using a modem it would look like:
ATDT 17709450643@#0 1234 3 #1
The @ sign represents a four second delay.

Optional AC Power and Reset Control Products
Each of the ports can also support an optional CPS Base Unit that can be remotely controlled through the Touch-Tone commands.

This can be used in maintenance applications to recycle the power on equipment that may be hung or simply to power up a PC or a modem for remote access.

NOTE: For products in this functional category see the MSS-2C, the CAS, the RRU, the K-RRC, the SP-RRC, the 3P-RRC, and the MP-RRC.


Item No SWTFTS         Price $225.00 

Physical    4.5" W x 3" D x 1.25" H, 1.5 lb.
Connectors  (4) RJ-11 TelCo
LEDs        (5) Power, Mode
Switches    (1) 4-Bit Dip, (1) Pushbutton
Bell        None
Cable       (1) 5' RJ-11 Phone Cable
Adaptor     None
AC Power    Wall Mount 9VAC 1A, 115V/60Hz

Item No SWTFTS-8       Price $395.00 

Physical    7.5" W x 4.25" D x .75" H, 1 lb.
Connectors  (9) RJ-11 TelCo
LEDs        (10) Power, Mode
Switches    (1) 4-Bit Dip, (1) Pushbutton
Bell        None
Cable       (1) 5' RJ-11 Phone Cable
Adaptor     None
AC Power    Wall Mount 9VAC 1A, 115V/60Hz

NOTE: For 220/50Hz., add (-INT) to the Item No

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