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Check out the Using Caller ID With Modems White Paper.


Internet Caller ID - Call Waiting Alert
  • Audible & Visual Call Waiting Alert
  • "Screen Pops" to Identify the Waiting Call
  • Mouse Clicks to:
    Accept, Delete, or Ignore the call for later dial back
  • Auto Dial Non-Returned Calls
  • Auto Switch Waiting Call to Fax or Answering Machine
  • Runs in the System Tray

The INTERNET CALLER ID-CALL WAITING MANAGER is designed for use with the newer V.34 and V.90 modems operating with Caller ID over Call Waiting service. While the modem is on-line, it alerts the operator that a call is waiting and displays the identity of the waiting caller. It can be used on single lines (diagram #1) or on dual bonded lines (diagram #2).

ICWM Application Diagram

The Call Waiting Alert is provided by an alarm along with a flashing LED. A "screen pop" provides the name/number of the waiting caller. The operator may take the waiting call automatically, if so configured, or by clicking on "accept", or by simply lifting the handset (flash hook), if used. The call may also be ignored and added to the database for later return.

ICWM Screen Pop
Call Waiting Alert Screen Pop

Off-Line Caller ID Programmer
  • Assign 4 distinctive rings to selective numbers
  • Ring only from selective numbers
  • Abort unwanted calls (Do Not Disturb)
  • Block outbounds by prefixes or all numbers
  • Audit inbound and outbound calls
  • Easy Searches by:
    Name, Number, Time/Date, Code, Occurrences, Durations
  • Stores Caller IDs while the PC is off
  • Build personal and business data bases
  • Highlight and Click to dial (phone port)

The Internet CID-CW Manager can also be used as a general programmer to add features to your Caller ID/Call Waiting service while you are off-line. Or, use it to refine your on-line usage. It allows you to:

Identify inbound calls by distinctive ring patterns, abort unwanted calls, only allow selective inbound calls to ring the phone, block selective outbound calls and keep detailed records of your phone usage. All of this is accomplished by simply adding the appropriate code to a phone number.

The Call Manager can store up to 200 CID numbers while the computer is off-line and it also provides great line usage reports by simply sorting on any field heading.

NOTE: Call waiting over Caller ID service and a spare com port on the host PC are required.

To determine the Telephone Line Cost Savings related to this product, use the Cost Comparison Calculator.


Item No SWTCWS-CID  Price $189.00

Physical    4.25" W x 6" D x 1.5" H, 2 lbs.
Connectors  (3) RJ-11 TelCo, (1) DB-9 Female RS-232
LEDs        (4) Power, Busy, Modem, Call Waiting
Switches    (1) Modem Disconnect Pushbutton
Bell        (1) Audible Call Waiting Alert
Cable       (1) 5' RJ-11 Phone Cable,
            (1) 6' DB-9 Female to DB-9 Male
Adaptor     (1) DB-9 Male to DB-25 Female
AC Power    Wall Mount 9VAC 1A, 115/60Hz


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