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Help with Power cords (non technical)
Applies to the IPC, IPN, APC and the U-X3

The IPC/IPN/APC/U-X3 has an "IN" and "OUT" AC power connections. The IPC/IPN/APC/U-X3 controls the connection between the IN and OUT connectors. It powers the OUT connectors ON/OFF or RESETs them.

"IN" (not pictured)
The Power cord that goes from the wall to the IN connector is normally no problem since this is power cord that comes with your PC. You may also have a stash of them in your miscellaneous closet.

The male plug on this cord that goes to the wall outlet. It is country dependent. In the past we stocked power cords for different countries, but the plug issue was normally more easily resolved in the country of use. So now we only stock them for North America connections, if required (minimal demand).
Item No NA-IPC Price $2.25

PC "OUT" connections (see OUT 1)
The cord that connects the OUT connector to a PC is a common PC extension cord (not as common as the power cord). This was also used in the past to connect monitors or other equipment to the PC. This is not country dependent.
Item No IPC-PCX Price $3.20

There you have it, the INs and an OUTs for a PC connection.

Other "OUT" connection (see OUT 2)
North American
However, if you want to connect network equipment, a power strip or another standard North American plug, to the OUT connector(s), instead of a PC, you would need the 1 foot adapter plug. You could, then plug several devices into your power strip and have them all controlled by the same IPC/IPN/U-X3 commands.
Item No IPC-NA Price $1.70

International (see OUT 3)
If you wanted to connect foreign plugs (non North American) power strip or other devices into the OUT connectors use the Universal adapter or get the specific adapter in the country of use.
Item No IPC-UV Price $7.50

Note with the U-X3, you could have all of the "OUTs" the same or mix and match to meet your requirement.

Power Cords Picture


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