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Concentrates multiple RJ Relay Boards or Stand Alone Boxes to one controller

Use To Control Power on Multiple PCs, Servers, Alarms, Switches etc... (up to 720+)

Relay Concentrator Picture RJ and Relay Picture
12 Port Concentrator Front/Back and
Rail/Rack Mount Adapter
RJ-11 Relay Board and Relay Box


  • Easy RJ-11 connections
  • Dip switch addressable 12 Port Concentrators (up to 60)
  • Control up to 720 RJ Relay Boards/Relay Boxes
  • Control the power button or reset pins on ATX motherboards
  • Programmable power button hold times
  • Control through a local RS-232 PC port
  • Or One of CPS's Remote Control Units
    (TCP/IP Network or Phone Line Access)
  • Use "Auto Ping" Software for automatic reboots
  • Rack rail mount or table top

The 12 Port Relay Concentrator acts as a convenient connecting hub for multiple RJ-11 Relay Boards or stand-alone Relay Boxes.

Relay Concentrator 1 Application Diagram

PC Motherboards
For PC motherboard applications, simply install an RJ-11 Relay Board in each server or PC. It connects to the power button or the reset pins on ATX-style motherboards. Only the reset pins may be used on the older AT-style motherboards.

Then connect up to 12 RJ-Relay Boards to one Concentrator using standard 4-wire telephone cable. Up to sixty Concentrators can be daisy-chained to accommodate up to 720 PCs or servers. The address for each Concentrator is set in its dip switches.

CPS's FREE Auto Ping software can also be used to automatically reboot servers that may be hung in PC/server applications.

Stand-Alone Relay Boxes
The Relay Boxes install in the same manner. Simply connect the Relay Box to the terminating device (lights, alarms, switches, cameras, etc.) and then connect them to the Concentrator. The Relay Boxes can be located up to 1000' from the Concentrator. Each Concentrator in a "daisy chain" can be located up to 1000' from another Concentrator. CPS has various methods of extending these specifications. Call with your requirement.

The Concentrator or a daisy-chain of Concentrators can be controlled through the serial port of an adjacent PC (RS-232 Filtered Adapter required) or optionally through one of CPS's Remote Access Control units. They provide telephone line (Touch-Tone) or TCP/IP network access.

Relay Concentrator 2 Application Diagram

The Controllers can support up to 15 of the Twelve-Port Concentrators per port. Hence, the SP-RRC (Single Port phone line controller) or the N-RRC (Network Controller) can support 15 Twelve Port Concentrators. The 3P-RRC or FTS (Three Port) can support up to 45, for a total of 540 PCs, servers or relay boxes. The controllers also offer telephone line sharing, password protection as well as other programmable features.

Relay Concentrator 3 Application Diagram

RJ-11 Relay Board Commands (PC/Server application)
Four Commands are available for the RJ-11 PC Motherboard applications:

  1. ON - Press the power button for 2 seconds to power ON the system.

  2. OFF - Press the power button for 10 seconds to power OFF the system.

  3. REBOOT - Press the power button for 10 seconds to power OFF the system, wait 10 seconds and then press the power button for 2 seconds to power the system back ON.

  4. RESET - Press the reset button for ½ second. (normally used on the reset pins).
Note the 2 seconds Power ON time is programmable from .1 seconds to 2 full seconds.
Each port on each controller can be set differently if required.

A typical command to push the power button to turn the machine ON through the serial port would be:

* xy wz 1 #
*   is a wake up character
xy   is the address of the Concentrator (box address)
wz   is the port number of the selected box
1   is the ON command. (Press the power button for 2 seconds)
#   ends the command string
Do not use spaces they are used for clarification only.
If this were entered remotely through a telephone line controller, the Touch-Tone commands could be entered manually or appended to the dial string. The Network Controller (N-RRC) presents a "Command selection screen".

Stand-Alone Relay Box Commands
These commands normally Enable or Disable relay

  1. Enable the relay

  2. Disable the relay
Example A typical serial port command to Enable the relay would be:
* xy wz 5 #
(See above)


Item No SWTCON-12            Price $195.00

Physical    7.5" W x 4.25" D x .75" H, 1 lb.
Connectors  (14) RJ-11 Control,
LEDs        (13) Power, Mode
Switches    (1) 8-Bit Dip
Bell        None
Cable       (1) 5' RJ-11 Phone Cable
Adaptor     None
AC Power    Wall Mount 9VAC 1A, 115V/60Hz

NOTE: For 220/50Hz., add (-INT) to the Item No


Item No CAPC2-RJ             Price $ 17.95

Physical    5.5" W x 2.5" D x .75" H, .25 lbs.
Connectors  (1) RJ-11 Interface,
            (4) PC Headers Pins
LEDs        None
Switches    None
Bell        None
Cable       (1) 2' M/F Reset Switch Cable,
            (1) 2' F/F Motherboard Reset Cable,
            (1) 5' RJ-11 Cable
Adaptor     None
AC Power    None

Item No SWTRLY               Price $ 32.50

Physical    1.75" W x 3.25" D x .75" H, .25 lbs.
Connectors  (2) RJ-11 TelCo/Control,
            (3) Screw Terminal Lugs
LEDs        (1) Activation Alert
Switches    (1) Slide Activation Alert Select
Bell        (1) Activation Alert
Cable       (1) 5' RJ-11 Phone Cable
Adaptor     None
AC Power    None

------- OPTIONAL ADAPTERS ---------------

Item No RAC-12               Price $  8.50

Required for Serial Port Control (to PC)
Item No CA9R11-IPN-F         Price $ 18.00

Physical    2" W x 1.5" D x .75" H, .5 lbs.
Connectors  DB-9 Female, (1) RJ-11
LEDs        None
Switches    None
Bell        None
Cable       None
Adaptor     None
AC Power    None

------ OPTIONAL CONTROLLERS -------------

Required for Remote Control.
See the specific Controller for additional specifications

SP-RRC One Telco Line and One Concentrator "Daisy Chain" (15 units)
Item No SWTSPRRC             Price $135.00

3P-RRC One Telco Line and Three Concentrator "Daisy Chain" (45 units))
Item No SWT3PRRC             Price $195.00 

FLEXIE TELCO SWITCH (FTS) One Telco Line and Three Concentrator "Daisy Chain" (45 units))
Item No SWTFTS               Price $225.00 

NETWORK Controller
N-RRC One RJ-45 TCP/IP Network Connection and One Concentrator "Daisy Chain" (15 units)
Item No SWTRRC-N             Price $169.00 

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