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I Wish I Could . . .
  Allow several modems to share a few telephone lines
  Automatically switch my phone lines to my fax server at night
  Use eight dial back modems on a single phone line
  Have my servers automatically reboot when they hang
  Remotely control AC power with Touch-Tones
  Fortify my current password system with some hardware
  See how many dial attempts are being made on our system
  Keep these "dial pests" from crashing my system
  Defeat these #*@% War Dialers
  Get a quick verification of who is calling
  Selectively restrict dial access to specific servers
  Limit the duration of phone calls
  Easily secure all of my maintenance ports
  Build a Database of inbound call attempts
  Restrict or abort inbound callers based on Caller ID
  Implement dial security without training all of the users
  Track down threatening voice callers
  Allow the caller to select different modems on the same line
  Have my modems automatically re-boot when they don't answer
  Access my home PC securely on my shared home phone line
  Use Caller ID to screen fax calls
  Add an ID to monitoring equipment or fax calls
  Support voice & data star cabling topology in my home
  Get rid of hackers/war dialers before my modems even connect
  Disconnect specific servers when the modems are in use
  Force my users to run their virus scan after every modem call
  Switch my voice lines to servers at night and on weekends
  Press the reset button on a remote PC over a modem
  Remotely switch my dial lines to alternate servers
  Get some dial traffic off of my LAN
  Allow all of my remote sites to dial each other securely
  Get something to answer if my maintenance modems don't
  Restrict outbound calls
  Power on my PC remotely and have it dial me back
  Increase the utilization of my phone lines by sharing them
  Pass all unauthorized inbound calls to a default port
  Share the POTS port on my ISDN modem
  Restrict callers to selected modems on a shared line
  Put my terminals in "secure groups"
  Remotely select up to 8 RS-232 ports, securely
  Broadcast data to 8 serial ports at a remote location
  Block Inbound Calls on certain lines
  Auto re-boot modems that don't answer in 6 rings
  Hear the Call Waiting alert when my modem is being used
  Be alerted to FAX calls while surfing the Net
  Let my answering machine pick up calls while surfing the Net
  Change the code in my modem security devices when someone quits
  Access 8 different PCs over one modem
  Access 8 different modems at the same location
  Switch to 1-8 remote ports (Analog or RS-232)
  Data Collection from multiple remote devices
  Broadcast data to multiple serial devices
  Dial back here to selected ports
  Enable/disable remote modems
  Change remote modem access codes
  Provide highly secure maintenance access
  Restrict remote access to selected ports
  Share a phone line for maintenance applications
  Remotely control AC power (On/Off/Reset)
  Push the Reset Button remotely
  Swap banks (4) of modems, faxes, phones
  Use one rebooting product anywhere in the world
  Change Touch-Tone access codes remotely
  Automatically reboot when a server hangs
  Automatically power On/Off alternate backup systems
  Implement dial security without telling the users
  Remotely select multiple modems on the same phone line
  Assign one-time Touch-Tone passwords to remote modems
  Provide Touch-Tone passwords to my authorized callers
  Break the LAN connection when the PC's modem is in use
  Restrict inbound calls
  Screen authorized callers with Touch-Tone passwords
  Access serial devices on my remote TCP/IP servers
  Break the LAN connection when any modem is in use
  Automatically reset a device based on a failed "ping"
  Receive an e-mail when the remote server reboots
  Connect/disconnect a phone line through the serial port of a PC
  Control AC power over the network
  Reset 100s of servers economically
  Make local land line calls to my VoIP network
  Interrupt a phone call for a priority alarm call
  Connect to my 800 number at the office from anywhere
  Remotely control my AB switches
  Remotely control AC power where there is no phone line or network connection
  Make the maintenance vendor ask permission to call my system
  Monitor vendor access to my system
  Always remember to disconnected the modem after use
  Control bunches of remote relays individually
  Remotely access 50 modems from one phone line
  Quickly back up TelCo reboot equipment with a cell network connection
  Make a temporary installation to remotely control AC power
  Remotely switch my routers to different servers
  Remotely disconnect all of my servers from the network
  Remotely control AC power at unknown locations
  Remotely switch my LANs to different servers
  Just speed dial a number from my cell to open a gate or door
  Substantially delay the return power to my equipment after a power outage
  Control the high speed connection on my DSL line without disabling the the analog device connections
  Automatically have my DSL modem reboot when it hangs
  Have my modem boot up xx min. before my router after a power failure
  Control the AC power over IP, but keep an "out of band" backup
  for a small USB controlled AC power switch for my Kiosks
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