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Computer Peripheral Solutions, LLC - Tech Tips
Switching Fifty Devices

The CPS A/B switches allow up to three ports (B, C, D) to be switched to port A. The switching can be controlled using a serial RS-232 port from a local PC or remotely via a phone line, IP address, or wireless cell using the appropriate CPS Controller. The switches themselves can be "daisy chained" together providing up to 32 separate switching nodes.

AB-M Diagram

However, one customer had a requirement to switch any of up to 50 devices to a single line.

This was accomplished by using 17 switches (17 x 3 = 51) and a 110 block (punch down block) that connected all of the "A" PORTS from the 17 switches together and to the single line. Similar to a standard telephone line set up.

Now for example, a switching command can be issued to SWITCH #5, to switch PORT D to PORT A. Port A is connected to the 110 block and in turn to the single line.

110 Block AB-M Diagram

A maximum daisy chain of 32 Switches can switch 93 devices to a single port. So I guess we do make a bigger switch.

You can review the switches at http://www.cpscom.com/gprod/abm.htm.


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