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The Remote Switching Products are available in two general categories. The "Remote Port Selection" sharing types of switches are those that connect the caller (local or remote) to any of its slave ports (analog TelCo line or RS-232 models).

They are telephone-line oriented, and have their own built in telephone line communication controllers. The port selections are controlled via touch-tones that can be entered manually or appended to a modem dial string or through "security/selection boxes" connected to the callers modem or phone (FTS, PSS). They "hard-wire" the appropriate connection so the selected port is already connected when the when the remote device answers.

These are similar to what the industry refers to as "code activated switches" except that they are much quicker, provide greater security and are less complicated. Also hardwiring the connection in the RS-232 version eliminates the buffering requirement along with the resulting delays and data rate restrictions.

The "Remote AB-M Switches" on the other hand, connect a common device on port A (not the caller) to either of its slave ports B/C/D/S. "S" is a logical security port (no connection). The MATRIX version allows the connection of any port to any or all ports. The X2 version has more of a security or rebooting flavor. It connects/disconnects two 8-wire connections, such as two LAN connections.

The switches themselves are considered "Base Units". They can be operated locally via a manual pushbutton or an RS-232 connection. Remote control is achieved by adding an external controller. The controllers provide access over standard telephone lines, the Internet or wireless CELL access. See "Controllers" below.

The AB-Ms are also addressable, so up to 31 of them can be daisy chained (RJ-11 TelCo connections) and controlled through one Single Port controller (SP-RRC) or from each port of a multi-port controller for larger requirements. This opens the door to other network switching applications such as backup and security as well as sharing applications.

The external controllers are the same as those used with the CPS rebooting products and follow the same flexible "Base Unit + Controller" concept. They can be referenced in that section or reviewed below. In addition to providing the desired type of communications interface, the Controllers add password security, the ability to share phone lines (same as the "Port Selection Switches") as well as other programmable features. Any of the addressable AC power control Base Units can also be inter-mixed within the AB-M "daisy chain" providing even greater application flexibility (See IPN and APB-I).

The REMOTE AB-M BASE UNIT SWITCHES are available with

  • RJ-11s for (4 wire) phone line switching applications and
  • RJ-45 (8 wire) connectors for switching Ethernet, Token Ring LAN or T1 circuits.
  • DB-9/RJ-45 adapters are available for 8 wire RS-232 switching applications.

The FLIP SWITCHES also fit this A/B category. They can connect four phone lines to an alternate set of four analog devices, or to nothing as a security measure (flipping them off). They have their own built in phone line controller. The "Flip" can be controlled remotely over the phone line and/or programmed to "flip" on a daily or weekly timed basis.

Switch Application Diagram

Many of the switches also have an add-on remote rebooting capability through one of CPS's rebooting "Base Units". This allows the caller to also control the AC power or reset remote equipment on the selected ports. However, if remote rebooting is your primary objective, go to the REBOOTING PRODUCTS.

Remote Port Selection Switches

The following provide a capsule review of the SWITCHING PRODUCTS. For greater detail on any product simply click on it.

FTS Picture
and up
Programmable remote selection and control of three or eight ports. Access via Touch-Tone. Optional remote AC power control and reset button reboots. Use for:
  • Remote Maintenance
  • Remote PC access

232-PSS Picture
Caller can select up to 8 remote RS-232 ports. Share the modem and the TelCo line. Very secure and Very automatic access. Lowest price alternative available. Use for:
  • Switch to 1-8 RS-232 ports
  • Data collection from multiple devices
  • Broadcast data to multiple serial devices (8)
  • Dial back to selected ports
  • Change remote modem access codes
  • Secure access
  • Restrict remote access to selected ports
  • Share a phone line for maintenance applications
  • Other Applications

MSS (2C) Picture
Caller selects either of two alternate modems via touch-tones. Other calls pass to the default port. Use for home PC access or remote maintenance applications on a shared line. Optional remote AC power control. Use for:
  • Switch to 1-2 ANALOG ports
  • Data collection from multiple devices
  • Secure access
  • Share a phone line for maintenance applications
  • Control AC power (On/Off/Reset)
  • Other Applications

CAS Picture
Provides controlled access to your remote systems via touch-tones control.
  • Enable/disable answer on remote modems
  • Change remote modem access codes
  • Secure access - one time password

AB-M Picture
and up
Remote ABCD Switch, Matrix, or X2 Version.
  • 3 & 4 port models
  • 4 wire & 8 wire models
  • RS-232 or Controller access
  • Matrix version: Any to Any or All Ports
  • Addressable, daisy-chain up to 31 units
  • High Speed Option Recently Added

FLIP Picture
Four port A/B Switch for TelCo lines. The "Switch" to the four alternate ports can be made LOCALLY, REMOTELY over modems, or AUTOMATICALLY on time/date. Stack them for additional ports. Use for:
  • Secure access
  • Share a phone line for maintenance applications
  • Swap banks (4) of modems, faxes, phones
  • Other Applications



The following are the controllers that can be used to control the AB-M Switch or the "Base Unit" products.

Phone Line
SP-RRC Picture
Remote control of a single port (AC power or reset button reboots) over a shared dial line. Use for:
  • Secure access
  • Share a phone line for maintenance applications
  • Control AC power (On/Off/Reset)
  • Press the reset buttons remotely

Phone Line
3P-RRC Picture
Selection and remote control of up to 3 ports (AC power or reset button reboots) over a single dial line. Use for:
  • Secure access
  • Share a phone line for maintenance applications
  • Control AC power (On/Off/Reset)
  • Press the reset buttons remotely

N-RRC Picture
Access with any browser on a TCP/IP network. Acts like a mini Web site.
  • Radio button selection
  • UDP commands
  • Password protected

C-RC Picture
Remote control of a AC power, Switches, Reset button, etc. over a cell network. Use where there is no telephone or network access.
  • Text Message commands
  • RS-232 modem connection

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