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Switches Inbound Calls to either of 2 Caller Selected Alternate TelCo Ports On A Secure Basis...
Also Optional Remote Control AC Power Strip


MSS (2C) Picture The Three Primary Applications Are:
  1. Use to switch maintenance calls to maintenance ports
  2. Use to remotely control AC Power
  3. Use to Power Home PC On/Off before modem call

ARR Picture   

Intelligent AC
Power Strip

IPC Picture

Power Controller


MSS (2C) Application Diagram


  • Eliminates Additional TelCo Lines
  • Transparent To Normal Voice Calls
  • Economical "Two Call Approach"
  • Touch Tone Password Protected
  • Very Easy To Use
  • Outbound Line Sharing
  • Optional Remote AC Power Cycling
The MODEM SELECTOR SWITCH (2C) can be connected to any standard voice telephone line and used to selectively switch inbound calls to either of two alternate ports. Voice, fax or other modem calls on the same line are transparent to most day-to-day business traffic. They are passed through to the default Port 0 as though the switch were not there. The two alternate ports may have modems or any standard analog devices connected to them.

The Two Call Approach
Two calls are required to switch to an alternate port. The first call verifies the security code and sets up the selected alternate port for the second call. When the second call is received within the selected window of opportunity (30 sec. to 4 minutes), the call will be directed to the alternate port. When that call is completed, the switch will revert back to its default port 0. It will also revert back to its default port, if the second call is not received within the prescribed window of opportunity. The 2C eliminates the need for an additional separate telephone line. The two call approach also eliminates wrong numbers, nuisance calls and hackers to which an open modem on a separate line may be subject. It also reduces some of the circuitry, providing a more economical product.

Optional AC Power Control
When the optional Intelligent AC Power Strip is employed, the first call can also turn it ON, OFF or RECYCLE power, on any port, with or without setting up the switch to the alternate port. Example: "power on AC2 and switch to port 1" or "recycle AC2 and no port switching" (see diagram). Each alternate port may have a separate power strip, further expanding the flexibility of the product. Also, if the PC were set to dial out upon power up, it could serve as a dial back modem.

The Intelligent AC Power Strip is normally used when the target machine requires direct power ON/OFF control. It has six AC outlets: two (2x4), four (4x2), or all six (6x0) may be designated as "Controlled Outlets" at the time of the order. The others may be used as normal surge protected AC outlets for printers, monitors or otherequipment that do not require resets or On/Off control.

The International Power Controller (IPC) has two standard IEC (PC type) AC power connectors. It can be installed anywhere in the world using locally available PC power cords. It also automatically senses the line voltages for any country. An automatic "heartbeat" reboot function through the serial port of the target PC is also included.

The security code and the window of opportunity time are selected through dip switches on the unit, similar to a garage door opener. The matching caller codes and switching commands can be entered through a touch tone key pad or appended to the modem's AT dial commands.

Outbound Line Sharing
An additional dip-switch also allows the unit to be used as a sharing switch for outbound calls. Any of the devices on the three ports can bid for the telephone line, if available. All other stations are isolated when the line is in use. This may be used for equipment that places alarm calls.

In addition to remote maintenance applications, the 2C also makes a nice package for the home or business PC user that requires occasional remote access and does not want the PC continuously powered on.

NOTE: For Larger Switches, see the FTS and MRS. They provide additional programmability, more ports and greater security features.


Item No SWTMS-2C    Price $139.00

Physical    4.5" W x 3" D x 1.25" H, 1 lb.
Connectors  (4) RJ-11 TelCo/Control
LEDs        (4) Power, Port Status
Switches    (1) 8-Bit Dip
Bell        None
Cable       (1) 5' RJ-11 Phone Cable
Adaptor     None
AC Power    Wall Mount 9VAC 1A, 115V/60Hz

NOTE: For 220V/50Hz, add (-INT) to the Item No

-------------- BASE UNITS --------------

2 Controlled and 4 "Normal" Outlets
Item No SWTAC6-A2-2x4       Price $ 79.00

4 Controlled and 2 "Normal" Outlets
Item No SWTAC6-A2-4x2       Price $ 79.00

6 Controlled Outlets
Item No SWTAC6-A2-6x0       Price $ 79.00

Physical    12" W x 2.5" D x 1.5" H, 2 lbs.
Connectors  (2) RJ-11 TelCo/Control,
            (6) AC Receptacles
LEDs        (1) Surge Protection
Switches    (1) Main Toggle On/Off
Bell        None
Cable       (1) 5' RJ-11 Phone Cable
Adaptor     None
AC Power    115V/60Hz, 15 Amps

NOTE: For 220V/50Hz, see the IPC.

See the IPC


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