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CPS - Computer Peripheral Systems, Inc.


Call Waiting Family Picture FOUR CALL WAITING PRODUCTS
To share voice lines with Modems
They ALERT the computer user that an inbound call has been detected


  • They provide immediate call notification
  • No special software to install *
  • Works with any Mac, PC desktop or laptop, anywhere
  • Audible and visual Call Waiting alerts
  • Installs in about 1 minute
  • Use in the home or office
  • Portable


What are the differences between them?

  • They all have the same auto adaptive high precision signal-processing engine that distinguishes the call waiting tone from the simultaneous overlapping modem signals. It recognizes the Call Waiting tone the FIRST TIME, EVERY TIME; no matter what state the modem is in.

    This was the first on the market and is field proven with thousands of installations operating with various central office telephone switches.

  • They all provide a "beeping" alert and a flashing LED when a waiting call is detected.

  • They primarily differ by their optional methods of taking the waiting call.

CW PRODUCT Methods to take the call What will happen? To Reconnect the Computer to the Phone Line
CWA Picture
No AC Power required
  1. Push Button
    (Quick Disconnect)


The phone will ring


Push the button again (IN)


Auto Alert Picture
No AC Power required
Broad Range Adaption Dip Switches (BRA)
  1. Push Button
    (Quick Disconnect)
  2. Automatic
    (Dip Switch)


The phone will ring


Push the button again (BEEP)


CWS Picture
AC Powered
Broad Range Adaption Dip Switches (BRA)
Outbound Priority (Anyone who lifts the receiver will disconnect the computer and get the line. Primarily used in offices.)
  1. Push Button
    (Quick Disconnect)


  2. Automatic
    (Toggle Switch)


The phone will ring


  1. Hold


Nothing, Lift the Receiver and begin talking when you hear the "beep beep"' alert


Continues with the same connection if the voice call is ended in 10 - 15 seconds otherwise its automatic


ICWM Picture


* This unit requires software which is Windows only.

Provides all of the above plus:

  • "Screen Pops"
  • A database of called and calling numbers
  • A number of call management and audit functions
  • Program CID numbers to abort or take other action while the computer and modem are OFF


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