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BROAD BAND-AID... $99.00 special
Helps Keep Your Brodband Network Up
Proactively reboots your modem and router
before you realize that it is hung
(DSL, Cable or Satellite)

Requires a Windows based PC with a serial port


Broad Band-Aid PictureBroad Band-Aid Application Diagram


  • Operates in the background transparently
  • Easy set up
  • E-mail notification
  • Surge protection included
  • Phone line back up too
  • Optional direct phone line control

Broadband has opened new vistas for Internet activity. However as some newer applications such as VoIP, video conferencing, gaming, messaging etc. are implemented they seem to have an adverse effect on modems and routers or perhaps it is more noticeable as dependency on them grows. They tend to hang and periodically loose sync with the ISP.

Trouble shooting the cause can quickly reach the point of diminishing returns. Whereas, treating the symptom is normally quite simple. The universal band-aid seems to be to simply recycle the AC power on the modem and/or the router.

The discovery process alone can be frustrating. However, once discovered, even this simple task can sometimes be cumbersome if the modem/router are not readily accessible. Or it may be impossible if it happens after hours or you are accessing the network from a remote location such as may be the case with VoIP or other more basic remote file sharing requirements.

Broad Band-Aid
To address this phenomenon we have packaged a combination of CPS hardware and software to perform this power cycle automatically in an unattended and almost transparent fashion. This "Broad Band-Aid" package is composed of a CPS Intelligent power strip, serial port adapter and some specially adapted "Auto-Ping" software.

Here is How It Works
* Simply connect the AC power from you modem and/or router to the AC power strip supplied. The other four AC outlets can be used as "normal" surge protected AC outlets.

* Connect the serial port from your PC to the RJ-11 port on the power strip. If the PC does not have a serial port, Serial to USB adapters are also available.

* Then install the Auto Ping software on the PC and set it up to "Poll Out" to addresses on the other side of the router and modem. You could use your own remote IP's or those of one or two of the popular public web sites. Two addresses are provisioned to verify that a return ping fault is at your site and not the pinged location.

If the software fails to see a return ping it will send an eight-second "recycle power" command to the power strip (where the equipment is connected) through the serial port of the PC. That is all there is to it. It is straightforward. No fuss, no muss and mostly transparent to the user. It will even send an e-mail message indicating the time and number of reboots if you choose.

Phone Line Backup
You can also connect a phone line to the unused RJ-11 "Command Port" for out of band backup. The two "Controlled AC Jacks" will recycle the AC power upon six unanswered rings.

Optional Internal Touch-Tone Controller (ITTO)
This is another rather economical out of band option. It allows you to control the AC power and make status inquires on the two "controlled AC jacks" using any touch tone phone. It is also password protected and it can share the line with other devices (phone, fax, modem etc.).

Optional External Controllers
Other Controllers boxes can also be used to control the "controlled jacks" on the Broad Band-Aid. Various controllers provide access via an IP network (N-RRC), Touch-tones (xx-RRC) or as a Cell Phone (C-RC) allowing you to text message your commands to the Band-Aid.

The Broad Band-Aid Power Strip is rated at 110-115V at 15 amps.

An International version will soon be available. It utilizes the new CPS Universal AC Power Switch (U-X3), instead of the Intelligent Power Strip, but it is functionally equivalent. It can automatically accommodate voltages from 110 volts to 250V @ 15 Amp, to meet most North American and international requirements.


Item No SWTBBA-NA        Price $ 99.00
   1 AC Power Strip 2 Controlled, 4 Normal AC Outlets
   1 RJ-Serial Port Adapter
   1 5' RJ-11 4 Conductor Cable
   1 Copy of "Auto Ping" Software

Item No SWTBBA-U         Price $125.00
   1 Universal AC Power Switch (U-X3) 1 Controlled, 2 Normal AC Outlets
   1 USB serial cable
   1 Copy of "Auto Ping" Software

-------------- OPTIONAL --------------

ITTO (Internal Touch-tone Control)
Item No ITTOARRC         Price $ 29.00

Item No SWTSPRRC         Price $135.00

Item No CEXUSBA9         Price $ 16.95  

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