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Provides Remote AC Power Control
and Shares the Phone Line

CPS Picture
  • Direct Remote ON-OFF-RESET Power Control
  • Share with Normal Phone/FAX Line Usage
  • Programmable Multi level Password
  • Inquire the Power State and the Configuration Preferences
  • Programmable Operating Preferences
  • Connect Multiple Units to the Same Phone Line up to 1000' apart
  • Combine with Other Control Methods for Backup or Multi-Control Applications

Compatible with the following AC Power Base Units
  1. All of the ARR Power Strip Family (ARR, ARR+, CPS and Broad Band-Aid)
  2. The Universal AC Power Switches (U-X3 and U-X1)



CPS Application Diagram

The Internal Touch Tone Option (ITTO) provides for direct Touch Tone Control and inquires from any touch tone key pad or modem when installed in any of the compatible "Base Units". It also provides a multi-level password that can be changed remotely. Previously an additional External Touch-Tone Controller box was required.

ITTO can also share the line with other devices (phone, fax, TAD, but no inbound modem) and allows some of the set up preferences to be changed remotely as well. The Touch-Tone commands may also be appended to a modem's AT dial string for more automated entry, even though there is no modem at the ITTO end. Multiple ITTOs with the same or different passwords may also be connected to the same phone line. One by each computer or other equipment.

The following Command Examples may provide a better grasp of the product.

Command Examples
These examples are not complete they are presented to give you a better insight into the product.

The following is an AC power Command to RESET the AC Power on Outlet Pair 3 of a Controlled Power Strip (CPS).

1-770-945-0643 "bb" # Password # "bb" #013 "bb" #90

1-770-945-0643 is the phone number where ITTO is connected
"bb" (beep beep) is the ready acknowledgement (from ITTO)
#Password# is the Password (Up to 6 digits)
"bb" is the acknowledgement from ITTO for a good entry
#0 indicates that this is an AC power command
    1 is the AC outlet number (1-2-3)
    3 is the AC Action Command (RESET) (1=ON, 2=OFF, 3=RESET)
"bb" is the acknowledgment of a valid Command
#90 is the Exit Command (optional)

This could also be sent from a modem by appending it to the AT dial string

ATDT 17709450643@ # Password #, #013, #90

The @ sign represents a 4 second delay to give ITTO a chance to answer and send the "bb".
The commas represent a 2 second delay to accommodate the "beep beep" responses

You may enter more than one command while connected to ITTO, except when using the "Express Method".

Other Types of Commands are
#0 AC power Action command
#2 is a Password Change command
#5 Changes the RESET OFF time. (8 seconds default)
#6 are inquiry commands (same argument as #0)
#7 Changes the number of rings to answer, use for fax and answering machines, (3 default)
#90 Exit command (optional)

Wild cards and Global Commands may also be used.

Express Method
There is also an Express method to enter the AC Power Commands only.

If no Password were used, you could simply enter a *3 "bb" after the phone was answered. This would RESET all of the AC Jacks on all of the units in a daisy chain and disconnect. This may come in handy where the phone line was shared with voice, such as in a convenience store application, and the called party may hang up before a longer sequence could be entered. Of course, you would also have the option of engaging in a short voice conversation while you enter the touch-tone commands

ITTO is available on the following CPS Base Units. See the Base Unit of choice and add ITTO. Use it as your primary method of access or for backup and multi-control applications. The price varies on different Base Units.

ARR Automatic Ring Rebooter & Intelligent AC Power Strip $26.00
ARR+ Automatic Ring Rebooter with Serial Port $39.00
BBA Broad Band-Aid $39.00
CPS Controlled Power Strip $49.00
U-X3 Universal AC Power Switch (3 port) $39.00
U-X1 Universal AC Power Switch (1 port) $29.00

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