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Reboots AC Power on Dial Lines That Don't Answer In Six Rings
GREAT FOR ISPs or Anyone with Analog or ADSL Modems

* Also acts as an INTELLIGENT AC POWER STRIP when used with an "External Remote Controller"


Internal Touch Tone Control Option
ARR Picture


ARR Application Diagram


  • Very Easy to Use
  • Use on Unattended Dial Modem Banks
  • Use the analog connection on DSL lines
  • Six AC Outlets, Configure to your requirement
  • Reset Other Devices Too
  • Hefty 560 Joule Surge (36,00 volts) + RMI/RFI Filtration
  • Economical Internal Touch Tone Control Option "ITTO"

The Automatic Ring ReBooter (ARR) is an intelligent power strip that recognizes inbound ring signals and simply resets the "Controlled" AC outlet pairs after six unanswered rings. Anything connected to the "Controlled" AC outlets will be powered off for 7 seconds before the AC power is reapplied.

The number of "Controlled AC Jacks" (2, 4 or all 6) is specified at the time or order. They all react to the AC commands simultaneously. The "Normal" or non-controlled jacks act like normal power strip jacks. Possibly eliminating the need for redundant equipment.

The ARR was originally designed to be used to reset dial modems that may be hung (not answer), but it has since been used for a verity of low cost reset applications. The analog connection on a DSL line can also be used to "Ring Control" the ARR (no filter required). Also see BROAD BAND-AID.

The ARR simply connects to your phone line through one of the ARR's RJ-11 connectors. A modem or other phone equipment (if used) connects to the other. The AC power from the device(s) to be reset are connected to any of the "Controlled Outlets".

Internal Touch Tone Option "ITTO"
This economical option allows direct control (ON/OFF/RESET) of the ARR from any Touch-Tone keypad (land phone, cell or modem). It also provides password protection, remote programming and status inquiry as to the configuration and AC power state. The responses are in the form of "Beeps" (long beep = OFF Short = ON). Previously an External Telco Controller was required.

ITTO can also share the line with other devices (phone, fax, TAD, but no inbound modems). It also allows some of the set up preferences to be changed remotely as well. The commands may also be appended to a modem's AT dial string for more automated entry, even though there is no modem at the ARR end. Multiple ITTOs/ARRs with different passwords may also be connected to the same phone line

Optional External Remote Controllers
Touch-Tone Controller, use when sharing the Telco line with inbound modems.
Multi-Port Controller, use this when you want to connect several ARRs (3 or 8 port models), and control them with touch tones. Also see ARR+
IP Controller, use for remote control over the Internet or any IP network.
Cell Controller use where no phone line or network access is available. Text or e-mail the commands.
Other controllers are also available, but these are the more popular.

Note: We have also developed some custom ARRs that can be controlled via 5V TTL levels. Even if you have only one pin that transitions from high to low, we can probably use that.


110-125VAC at 15 AMPS. 
Three stage surge protection at 560 Joules (36,000 amps)+ EMI/RFI filtration. 
Operating temperatures 0 to 70C. 
Mechanical Relay duty cycle 20 million operations at 18,000 operations per hour 
Electrical is 300,000. 
Relay operating temperature is (-25 to 70 C).

2 Controlled and 4 "Normal" Outlets
Item No SWTARR-2x4       Price $ 89.00

4 Controlled and 2 "Normal" Outlets
Item No SWTARR-4x2       Price $ 89.00

6 Controlled Outlets
Item No SWTARR-6x0       Price $ 89.00

Physical    12" W x 2.5" D x 1.5" H, 2 lbs.
Connectors  (2) RJ-11 TelCo/Control,
            (6) AC Receptacles
LEDs        (1) Surge Protection
Switches    (1) Main Toggle On/Off
Bell        None
Cable       (1) 7' RJ-11 Phone Cable
Adaptor     None
AC Power    115V/60Hz, 15 Amps

NOTE: For 220V/50Hz, see the IPC.

---------- REMOTE CONTROLLERS -----------
Optional Internal Touch Tone Controller
      Item No ITTOARRC         Price $ 39.00

Optional External Controllers

   External TELEPHONE LINE Controllers
      SP-RRC One Telco Line and One Control Port (to U-X3)
      Item No SWTSPRRC            Price $135.00

      3P-RRC One Telco Line and Three Control Ports (to U-X3)
      Item No SWT3PRRC            Price $195.00

      FTS One Telco Line and Three Control Ports (to U-X3)
      Item No SWTFTS              Price $225.00

      FTS-8 One Telco Line and Eight Control Ports (to U-X3)
      Item No SWTFTS8             Price $395.00

   NETWORK Controller
      N-RRC One RJ-45 TCP/IP Network Connection and One Control Port (to U-X3)
      Item No SWTRRC-N            Price $169.00 

   Cell Controller
      C-RC One RS-232 port and one Control Port (to U-X3)
      Item No SWTCRC              Price $425.00 

See the specific Controller for additional specifications

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