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RF Wireless AC Control from an iOS Device

U-X3R Front Picture U-X3R Back Picture


iWavit U-X3R Control Screen
U-X3R iWavit Screen


  • Local Wireless RF With iWavit
  • Local Serial Over USB Port Control
  • Ring Count RESET Trigger
  • Remote Access Controllers (TCP/IP, CELL)
  • Change Configuration Preferences
  • Select AC Outlets Individually
  • Compatible with CPS Auto Reboot software
  • Standard IEC320 AC connectors
  • 15 Amp breaker

The U-X3R is an economical, but extremely flexible AC power control device that can be used to control the AC power to three different devices via your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. This is accomplished with the help of the iWavit from ThinkOptics.

The U-X3R supports input AC voltages from 110V to 250V and has a 15 Amp circuit breaker. It uses internationally standard IEC320 AC connectors. This combination allows it to be used anywhere in the world with locally available power cords. Various AC power cords as well as a Universal Adapter that provides connections for any type of AC Plug in the world are also optionally available. It is also available with standard North American AC Connectors.

The U-X3R provides a number of methods to control it, allowing it to be used locally or remotely for a number of different applications; from simply resetting DSL modem/routers to automatically resetting kiosks or other equipment that may hang from time to time. Or even to turn the power ON or OFF on certain equipment for protection, security or simply to add a little green to the environment.

The back panel has one Input IEC320-C13 AC Jack and three "Controlled" international IEC320-C14 or North American NEMA-15 Output AC jacks.

The front panel supports three multi-function connectors, a USB connector and two RJ-11 connectors. The USB connector can be used to configure the unit or to send the ON/OFF/RESET power control commands, depending on the application. The RJ-11s provide the connection for a standard telephone line for remote control.

Internally is an iWavit dongle that can used to receive the power commands from an iOS device that has an iWavit Attachment and running the Tabula Rasa App.

The operating parameters can also be changed to meet various requirements. The port delay times, reset delay time, power ON delay, power up state, ring count etc... These preferences are normally entered through the USB port with simple ASCII commands from a PC.


*0S1 would change the AC outlet separation ON time delay to 1 min.
*PR2 would change the OFF time for a RESET to 20 seconds.
See instructions for a complete list. Once the setup preferences are defined, any ON/OFF/RESET command or manual power ON/OFF will be executed accordingly. You can also make inquires as to the setup preferences. They are confirmed by local on screen replies or audible "beeps" over the phone line.

Local RF Wireless Control is provided through the iWavit Attachment, the internal iWavit dongle and an iOS device running the Tabula Rasa App. By selecting the desired U-X3R and touching the button on the screen, you can easily turn ON/OFF or Recycle the selected outlet.

Local Control is provided through a USB port. The local PC can send simple ON/OFF/RESET Commands to the desired AC Jacks. See Command Examples below.

Remote Control over a standard telephone line is provided through the Ring Count RESET feature (standard). This feature simply counts the rings and RESETS once the ring threshold is reached.

External Remote Controllers are also available to provide additional methods of remote access.
Touch-Tone Controller (SP-RRC), is used when sharing the TelCo line with a modem or to control an entire daisy chain of U-X3s without the ITTO option.
Multi-Port Controller (MP-RRC), is use to connect several UX-3s in multiple daisy chains (3 or 8 port models), and control them with Touch-tones.
IP Controller (N-RRC), use for remote control over the Internet or any TCP/IP network.
Cell Controller (C-RC) is used where no phone line or network access is available. Text or e-mail the AC Power Commands to the U-X3s.
Other controllers are also available, but these are the most popular.

Automatic control
FREE Automatic Software Control utilities that run on a local PC are also available (Windows OS and a USB port are required).

Auto Ping is used to RESET network equipment (modems, routers, gateways, firewalls etc.). It pings outside addresses through the target devices and RESETS them if the return pings are not detected. You can assign two IP addresses for up to 30 AC jacks.

Heartbeat is used to monitor the server, connected to the USB or RS-232 serial port on the U-X3. It will RESET one AC JACK on the U-X3 if serial transmission from the server is not detected within a prescribed time. A DLL is also available to help incorporate the heartbeat into your application if required.

Serial Net allows the serial Control Commands to be sent to the remote location "Control PC/server" over a TCP/IP network.

You can use any of these methods as your primary method of control and one or more of the others as backup. As an example, use the Heartbeat software to automatically reset the server and the telephone line touch tone or Ring Reboot feature to turn the server ON or OFF or force a RESET from a remote location.

Or use the External IP Controller (N-RRC) as your primary method of AC power control, but when the network equipment is down, you can rely on the Auto Ping to automatically reset it or use any of the "out of band" touch-tone option or Ring count RESET feature to reset the Router modem etc.

Of course all of this can be changed along with a number of other operating parameters through the USB port on the U-X3. It is truly a remarkable device. Its flexibility allows it to be used for a variety of AC power control requirements. It will keep your blood pressure in check and miles off of you car.

AC Power Command Examples
These examples are presented to provide a feel as to what is required to send an AC Power Command via: a Serial (RS-232/USB) Port, External Controller or a Modem.

A typical serial port command to RESET POWER on Box #2, Port #1 is     *213
Where "*" is the attention code, "2" is the box address, "1" is the address for the AC Outlet and "3" is the "Action Command",("1" = ON and "2" = OFF)

If this were sent as a touch-tone command through an External Telephone Line Controller, it would be preceded with the controller #, Password (up to six numbers), and the Port number of the Controller (multi-port units) that the U-X3 is attached to:

# 8 Password Port 213#

This could also be sent from a modem by appending it to the AT dial string. Even though there may not be a modem at the UX-3 end.

ATDT 7709450643@ # 8 Password Port 213#

Wild card and Global Commands are also available.

*PON This "global Command" will turn ON all of the ports on all of the boxes according to the delays applied in the setup
*POF will turn them all OFF
*#31 This "wild card Command" (#) will Turn ON the power on port 3 of all of the boxes in a daisy chain. The wild card can be used in any or all positions.

The manual ON/OFF switch can also be used to power the U-X3 ON or OFF. It will power ON according to the preferences that you selected.

Operating temperatures 0 to 70C.
Mechanical Relay duty cycle 20 million operations at 18,000 operations per hour.
Electrical is 300,000.
Relay operating temperature is (-25 to 70 C).
RoHS compliant

Universal AC Power Switch RF Set (U-X3 with International IEC 320 connectors)
Item No SWTUX3R-CP-S     Price $249.00
Includes the iWavit Attachment
Note: Not recommended for multi-phase 220/240VAC

Universal AC Power Switch RF Set (U-X3 with North American NEMA-15 connectors)
Item No SWTUX3R-NA-S     Price $249.00
Includes the iWavit Attachment

Universal AC Power Switch RF (U-X3 with International IEC 320 connectors)
Item No SWTUX3R-CP       Price $199.00
Note: Not recommended for multi-phase 220/240VAC

Universal AC Power Switch RF (U-X3 with North American NEMA-15 connectors)
Item No SWTUX3R-NA       Price $199.00

Physical    6.25" W x 4.25" D x 2.25" H, 1 lbs.
Connectors  (2) RJ-11 TelCo/Control,
            (1) USB,
            (4) AC Receptacles (IN/OUT)
LEDs        (5) Port, Power, TX/RX
Switches    (1) On/Off 15 Amp breaker
Bell        None
Cable       (1) 7' RJ-11 Phone Cable
Adaptor     None
AC Power    115V/50-60Hz, 15 Amps to
            220V/50Hz, 10 Amps

------------ POWER CORDS ----------------

Since it is not possible to stock all possible power cords and adapters, for world wide applications, the international the customer can acquire them locally. However, CPS does stock a limited number of cords and adapters that will cover about 90% of all applications.

U-X3s with North American AC Jacks do not normally require any adapter cords. Just plug the AC power directly into the unit. However, if wall mount trnasformers are used, the IEC connectors with adapter cords should be considered. Select those that may apply to your application from the list below. Also see the diagram above.

IPC AC Power Side Options
(Country Connector to IEC 320-14)
A - North American 110-115V 6 foot
   (NEMA 5-15 Receptacle to IEC C13)
Item No NA-IPC      Price $2.25

A - European 6 feet two prong
Item No E2-IPC      Price $6.20

OUT AC Adapter Cords - FROM IPC to the EQUIPMENT
B - PC Extension 6 foot (IEC 320-C13 to IEC 320-C14)
Item No IPC-PCX     Price $3.20

C - North American 1 foot
   (IEC 320-C13 to Equipment, PC, Power Strip, etc.)
Item No IPC-NA      Price $1.70

D - Universal Adapter
   (Connects to the IPC OUT and accepts any country AC connector)
Item No IPC-UV      Price $7.50

For more Help with Power Cords - Click Here

---------- REMOTE CONTROLLERS -----------
Optional External Controllers

   External TELEPHONE LINE Controllers
      SP-RRC One Telco Line and One Control Port (to U-X3)
      Item No SWTSPRRC            Price $135.00

      3P-RRC One Telco Line and Three Control Ports (to U-X3)
      Item No SWT3PRRC            Price $195.00

      FTS One Telco Line and Three Control Ports (to U-X3)
      Item No SWTFTS              Price $225.00

      FTS-8 One Telco Line and Eight Control Ports (to U-X3)
      Item No SWTFTS8             Price $395.00

   NETWORK Controller
      N-RRC One RJ-45 TCP/IP Network Connection and One Control Port (to U-X3)
      Item No SWTRRC-N            Price $169.00 

   Cell Controller
      C-RC One RS-232 port and one Control Port (to U-X3)
      Item No SWTCRC              Price $425.00 

See the specific Controller for additional specifications

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